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Cutting edge solutions for repetitive stress injury and Carpal tunnel pain relief.

Are you suffering from Repetitive Stress Injury, wrist injury, back pain, shoulder pain, or any other symptoms due to Repetitive Strain Injury? Have you already tried stretching or other kinds of carpal tunnel exercises aimed at carpal tunnel pain relief, or other pain associated with RSI? Are the symptoms and pain still lingering, or perhaps getting worse?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, the Anat Baniel Method(sm) could very well be the answer for you. The Anat Baniel Method (ABM) is a revolutionary approach to eliminating and preventing Repetitive Stress Injury and the pain and limitation associated with it. Unlike regular exercise techniques that attempt to stretch, increase range of motion, or loosen the muscles in the painful area, the ABM exercises change the underlying neuro-muscular patterns that cause the Repetitive Stress Injury. The exercises help bring about immediate changes in brain patterns that provide pain relief from such injuries.
Anat teaching

"I am not swayed by New Age psycho-babble, and neither are my long-suffering patients. Anat Baniel's Method is effective where other treatments have not been, and it is at times almost miraculously effective."
Christopher Ryan, M.D., Denver, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

"What the Anat Baniel method exercises do for me is nothing short of a miracle. A nagging semi-chronic RSI neck injury just melted away"
Cindy Young, computer user.

Pain from Repetitive stress injury lets us know that we are doing something that is harmful to us. With ergonomics we try to help ourselves by changing our workstation environment - which is very important. With the Anat Baniel Method we change what we are doing in that environment so that we stop harming ourselves.

Desk-Trainer - an innovative solution.

Desk-Trainer is a unique, interactive web based exercise program designed to relieve pain, stress and limitation caused by Repetitive Strain Injury and help prevent such injuries in the future. The animated exercises are 5-7 minutes long. The exercises are done sitting in chairs and can be done at the work station. They are easy, safe and fun to do, yet bring about immediate improvement by changing the neuro-muscular patterns that cause the pain. You can choose a pre selected series of lessons designed for your specific need, like wrist pain, shoulder pain, neck, back, or hip pain, or you may select individual lessons. There are over 30 different movement lessons and new exercises are added on a regular basis.
"It was Anat Baniel that guided me back to health and performing"
Daniel Kobialka, second chair, violinist, San Francisco Symphony

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How Does the Anat Baniel Method Work for Repetitive Strain Injury?

This cutting edge approach is based in the understanding of how the brain forms patterns of posture and movement - good and bad ones. It is based on the breakthrough discovery that poorly organized movement and limiting beliefs are the most common causes of pain. Since it is the brain that organizes movement, these exercises called Transformational Movement Lessons, are designed to provide your brain with the information and experiences it needs in order to form new, pain free patterns and solutions. Repetitive Strain Injury related pain can rapidly be diminished by reintroducing the child-like learning process of movement. Your brain will discover the least painful ways for you to move if you simply give it the information it needs. Your RSI related pain will stop - often beginning to subside after doing just a few exercises! [Link to DT] The Anat Baniel Method addresses an "invisible" element that is of the utmost importance in our ability to recover from pain and prevent future pain: the QUALITY with which we move.
Anat Baniel has worked with the San Francisco Symphony Musicians, The Tanglewood Music Center musicians, computer users, and a host of other people suffering from RSI with remarkable results.
"My back pain is gone! Finally my whole body moves! Thanks"
Adrienne Nyeki, Conductor and Teacher

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Additional Movement Programs for Pain Relief - Transformational Movement Lessons

Anat Baniel has created DVD and CD movement programs with lessons lasting between 30-45 minutes each. These Transformational Movement Lessons(sm) are very different from regular exercise programs. Rather than engaging in repetitive movements that are often done forcefully and even mindlessly, with the Transformational Movement Lessons you will be asked to move gently and slowly and pay attention to what you feel. You will be paying attention to your whole body, not just the painful areas. You will quickly become aware of what you are doing and will discover ways to move that are easier and give you relief from back, neck, shoulder and joint pain. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel - fast.

"I'm walking as if I am gliding; disappearance of chronic upper throratic and neck discomfort and tingling, fluidity of all movements, and an increase in flexibility and in my well being. This is remarkable work!"
Cynthia Selfridge, Director of Clinical Research

In each movement lesson you will be guided by Anat through a sequence of movements. You will be encouraged to move slowly and gently. In each lesson you will learn new movement skills or improve on existing skills that are necessary for you to have movement that is free of pain. Each lesson is different from all others. This insures that your brain continues to get a rich flow of new information that it needs. The lessons are grouped into complete programs that you can do safely in the comfort of your home. Each lesson is between 30-45 minutes long.
You will learn to bend, arch, and twist your spine easily and fully. You will become more flexible and stronger without forcing. You will find it easier to bend down, lift your arms, carry heavy objects, turn your head right and left, and look up and around yourself. You will stand taller. You will breathe better and walking will become easier.

These gentle, safe, and mindful movement lessons not only can diminish your existing pain, but you will also learn how to prevent future pain and chronic pain. Over time, by continuing to do these lessons, you will be able to eliminate RSI  and participate more successfully in fitness, exercise, dance, or sport programs of your choice - pain free.

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