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Office workplace ergonomics - proper monitor and lighting adjustments

  Monitor adjustment: Office workplace ergonomics to prevent eye strain
Sit in your usual position and adjust the height of your monitor so that the top of the monitor is at eye level or up to 10 cm below eye level.
Distance between your eyes and the monitor should be between 55 and 70 cm according to personal preference
Monitor should preferably be tilted 5° relative to vertical.
Adjust monitor lighting and brightness to optimum setting.
Periodically clean your monitor to remove dust caused by static electricity.
  Lighting: Office workplace ergonomics to prevent eye strain
If possible, place the monitor so that principal light source is to one side (parallel to the imaginary line drawn between you and the monitor) or at up to 45° to that imaginary line.
Look at the monitor when it is turned off and see whether there is any reflected glare from any source on the monitor (a window, or interior lighting source). Try to remove the reflection by changing monitor's location or by tilting it slightly. You may solve the problem by closing curtains to prevent too much light coming in from outside.
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