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Desk-Trainer Return on Investment (ROI)
within less than a year

Some ROI calculations:
  • The National Council of Compensation Insurance states that the employee affected by RSI may cost up to $ 30,000.00 in health-related claims/individual. That would be equal to the cost of 3000 corporate subscriptions.
  • OSHA in a 1995 study of the contemporary workplace estimated that 3% of office workers, spending more than 2 hours/day at a computer will experience some type of RSI problems each year.
  • The cost of a 12 month subscription to Desk-Trainer ergo-exercises is approximately equal the hourly salary of a corporate call station computer workstation employee. OSHA calculated over 3% of office employees per year will suffer RSI.
  • If 3 of 100 call station employees miss 5 days of work due to RSI problems, some 120 worker hours would be lost to the company (3 x 5 days x 8 hours/day). The hourly salary for this lost productivity of these 3 employees would more than cover the cost of Desk-Trainer corporate licenses for all 100 employees.
Some Management FAQ
  • I do not think that I can achieve 100% compliance to your ergo-exercise program. Can I only pay for those employees who consistently used the Desk-Trainer program?
    YES. We suggest that employees' interest can be pre-screened by sending out an email describing what Desk-Trainer offers and only initially including those who indicate they would like to participate in the program.
  • Can our company trial the program before deciding?
    YES. At a minimal cost, we can setup a limited Internet trial to evaluate employee interest & participation. The trial cost will be considered as an advance against the cost of implementing the program either via the Internet or corporate Intranet.
  • How can I know if my employees are using the program after it is offered to them?
    Desk-Trainer can supply you with monthly or quarterly statistical reports on employees accessing our ergo-exercise.
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