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Who are we?
Desk-Trainer has developed unique 3-6 minute interactive exercise programs to relieve Repetitive Strain Injury pains, to protect against computer injuries and to improve fitness & productivity for people at work-stations, at home and on the move. The exercises are a proprietary application developed by brain and movement specialist Anat Baniel based on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais. The content is produced as entertaining Flash animations which guide the user through the safe and effective exercises.
The Desk-Trainer subscription site is using an aggressive marketing and search optimization campaign which is creating an ever growing number of visitors (both unique and the regularly returning subscribers). We continue to add value to the site with a cellular phone download product, a corporate network version of the product and a video product . We constantly expand our library of exercises and series.
Why advertise with
Desk-Trainer attracts a highly targeted audience of people interested in:
  • Pain relief
  • Protection from RSI / carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Exercise at work solutions
  • Employee wellness
  • Healthy and vitality for aging Baby Boomers
These are highly attentive and responsive people usually in search for a solution to an acute problem. We provide top quality content to people who look for the best. Our many subscribers train very often and stay on the site for very long stretches of time. Visitors who try the FREE exercise stay for an average of over 7 minutes. We have a growing library of exercises and series, a growing library of highly useful ergonomic advice and a growing number of corporate users.
Our site is experiencing steadily increasing traffic, with over 14,000 visitors and over 153,000 page views in April of 2007.
Advertise on Desk-Trainer and grow with us into our lucrative markets!
Who visits our site?
The majority of Desk-Trainer visitors are between the ages of 35-65. Google estimates traffic to the site could easily multiply by 20, using the same key words we use now. As our exercises were first produced in English, many of our visitors come from English speaking countries, and most are from North America. 60% of our subscribers are men. 25% of the visitors stay in the site well over 5 minutes so the space for targeted advertising is considerable.
Advertising opportunities
Special discount pricing during the first 3 months ending September 2007!!!
Top Banners:
Home Page = 870x95
Inside pages = 781x95
Bottom Banners:
Home page = 865x134
Vertical Banners:
Home page = 186x225
Inside pages = 173x255
Text Banners:
Please contact Google Adwords
Sponsorship opportunities
We are currently recruiting advertisers who would like to sponsor a series of exercises that address specific complaints. This would mean that your logo and message would appear in the Flash animation at the beginning and end of the exercise sequence. This is a powerful exposure to our most dedicated users.
Sponsoring a Newsletter
We send out a monthly newsletter to over 3500 subscribers. In-line text advertising is available in the newsletter at a cost of $75-$150. (You could have top, middle and bottom ads, and top would cost the most.)
Special discount pricing during the first 3 months ending September 2007!!!
For more details concerning pricing opportunities,
please contact us
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