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Join the Desk-Trainer Affiliate Program
If you like Desk-Trainer and you have a Web site, we have an easy way for you to earn money from your site's traffic. By becoming one of Desk-Trainer Affiliates, you can offer your visitors the health and fitness benefits of Desk-Trainer and earn a 20% commission on each and every order we receive* - it's that easy. Once you send a referral, you keep collecting commissions on all orders made by that person. No fees or costs to join, no minimum sales, you are free to promote other websites, you have nothing to lose, so sign up today!
All you need to do is place a link to our site which we'll provide you with. We'll take care of the rest! Not only will your visitors thank you for introducing them to Desk-Trainer, but you'll be paid a 20% commission for each subscriber* coming from your site, and 20% commission for each DVD or CD sold to a visitor coming from your link to our Desk-Trainer Shop.
We'll pay you through PayPal each time your commissions reach $50, or at the end of each year.
Offer your visitors the benefits of Desk-Trainer AND make money from your web site.
— How can you beat that?
Joining our affiliate program is easy:
  • Simply fill in the affiliate application form
  • We'll send you your affiliate link
  • Choose a banner, text link or logo and attach your affiliate link to it
  • We'll provide you with periodic reports and send you the payments using PayPal or Checks as mentioned above.
Personal Referrals
If you'd like to extend your affiliation to include Personal Referrals, or if you do not have a website but would like to promote Desk-Trainer to people you know, please fill in the relevant fields in the form. You will receive a Desk-Trainer Personal Referral Code. When a person that received the Personal Referral Code from you will write it into the registration form your referred subscriber will receive extra month FREE Subscription and you will be entitled to the same 20%* commission we offer our affiliate sites.
If you are an Anat Baniel Method practitioner, a Feldenkrais method practitioner, a physical education teacher, Desk-Trainer is not only an excellent tool to train your students between meetings, but with this Personal Referral Code program is an additional way to make some money.
* Excluding the $4.95 monthly PayPal package
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