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Exercise on the Go - Try one of our Free Cell Phone Downloads

Mobile phones
Take your Personal Trainer with
you everywhere you go
Desk-Trainer offers a selection of exercises adapted for 3G mobile phones which can be used for training at home, when traveling, in between meetings, during a rest stop while driving, in the office, or even on the beach! Choose Desk-Trainer as your Personal Trainer and any time you have a few minutes free, you can do one of the exercises to help prevent RSI, to reduce strains and pains, and to alleviate discomfort from too many hours in a seated position.

Test out a Cellular Trainer exercise with one of our FREE cell phone downloads.  Click Here  to download the 3gp file to your computer,unzip and transfer it to your mobile phone.
To download a free WMV file please Click Here 
(Download the free WMV file to your computer, unzip and transfer it to your cell phone.)

 To try a Free Cell Phone exercise for THE RIGHT WRIST AND FINGERS Click Here to download the WMV file to your computer, unzip and transfer the download to your cell phone.