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About Desk Trainer Ltd.
5 minute Desk exercises and information on ergonomics in the workplace from Desk-Trainer Ltd reduce repetitive strain injury and increase productivity for individuals and corporations.
We are experts on office workplace ergonomics and exercises to reduce repetitive strain injury.
The Desk-Trainer Ltd. Company Vision for reducing repetitive strain injury in the workplace.
Ergonomic Information
Workplace ergonomics and organizing your work station for maximum comfort and efficiency
Office workplace ergonomics - proper monitor and lighting adjustments
Office workplace ergonomics - preventing wrist pain by proper use of keyboard and mouse
Office workplace ergonomics - Tips to prevent computer eye strain
Tips for organizing your items on your desk.
Delivery Platforms for the Desk-Trainer Exercises
Corporations and Organizations that implement an Employee Wellness program will find Desk-Trainer offers a very attractive set of RSI solutions..
Mobile content providers and visitors are invited to download and try the 2 cellular exercises. A much larger set of exercises is available and is offered by Cellcom - Israel's largest Mobile service provider.
Desk-Trainer exercises for PDA devices working on Windows.
Exercises for Video delivery to the Television set through VOD, or IPTV and other similar services.
Our In Flight Exercise Program Takes the Pain out of Flying
New Features
The Anat Baniel Method has developed a ground breaking set of exercises to enhance vitality in the 50+ and to complement the new opportunities Brain Training Programs offer to improve Wellness at 50+
Desk-Trainer invites web sites wishing to propose our subscription and products to their visitors to submit their information for review.
Desk-Trainer is adding new exercises weekly.
Articles on RSI and Health
A revolutionary approach for transforming the lives of children with special needs is demonstrated.
The safety of working from home is not a protection against the silent, creeping injuries of Repetitive Stress Injury.
An article about Desk-Trainer is featured in HSM magazine: Health & Safety Matters - June 2006
Repetitive Strain Injury takes a huge toll on the quality of our lives, even if we don't always realize it. Neck and shoulder pain should not be regarded as part of a package deal which comes with our computers. There are exciting new ways to relieve this pain and protect against future problems.
Who is responsible?  Is there a solution?
Video demos
Anat explains the science and logic of her Method - Using the capacity of the brain to form new movement patterns to replace those that cause pain and limitation
Anat demonstrates how a movement of the lower back can contribute to the relief of the pressure and strain leading to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Anat answers the most prevalent questions concerning the Desk-Trainer exercises, the Anat Baniel Method for RSI, what to do if we experience pain during exercises and more
Visit our Corporate Blog
Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief Information and Free Carpal Tunnel Exercise Program
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