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"As a web site designer I spend 12 hours a day at my computer and often forgot to take any breaks or stretch for hours at a time. With my subscription to the Desk-Trainer service, I now get gentle reminders to take a short break. Then I can select the exercises that seems most helpful for whatever area feels sore. I am amazed at how such a brief exercise can make me feel so much better! This is unlike anything I have ever seen or tried before. Thank you for such a great service!" (Ken Klages - Chico, CA USA)

How cute and helpful these animated lessons are!! Bravo. This is a great tool for me to send my loved ones who are stuck at desk jobs (as well as everyone else...) Thanks. (Kathleen Aharoni, Chicago)

Charming! I enjoyed it! (Ayala Taichman)

"The exercise seems easy to do and gives immediate results! My left side feels much lighter, now I need to do the right to be in balance. This seems like a good plan and I wish you the best" (Marlana Moench, Joshua Tree, CA USA)

"I love your Desk-Trainer. I am a Craniosacral Therapist. I am refering the Desk-Trainer to many of my clients. I also think it would be geat to introduce it to the Benefits department HR department and ergonomic departments in corporations, to have it available for all their employees" (Mia Nomoto, RCST, Craniosacral Therapy, Menlo Park CA, USA)

"Great job and great format. I am really enjoying the lessons" (Andrew Tarr, Ashton, USA)

"I am enjoying the exercises and find myself coming back to continue the series often during the day" (Barbara Sands, Vista CA, USA)

"I feel better already!! Its a wonderful idea and I hope many people use it. Thanks and continue with this wonderful program!! (Noa Bechor, USA)

"This is a great site and your way of teaching is very clear and concise!" (Robin Ekebom, Tiberias, Israel)

Illustrations are very well done and easy to understand. Very good tool for common ailments. Thank you. (Andrea Zeman, CA USA)

 What a difference! I can turn so much easier - the results are immediate! (Gretchen Robinson)

Ahhh, to take care of myself is easier with desk-trainer. It's good to be back at it and my whole body exudes comfort!! Thanks! (Doreen Orme, USA)

Great mini workshop on how to navigate computer/typing work (Viktoria Vercelletto, USA)

Just want to say THANKS again to you and Anat Baniel. Tonight I had a sore left shoulder and a sore left wrist. I went through the exercises and gained relief. My wrist was noticably inflamed==hot to the touch. After the exercises the temperature was normal. This work is miraculous. Thank you so much (River Malcolm, USA)

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